Guitarist and composer, Lupa Santiago released 19 cds as a leader, performed in 35 countries, released 3 books by Advance Music, in English, Portuguese and Spanish.Lupa is the Academic Dean of Souza Lima college of Music and since 2010 is a member of the board of directors on the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz),released an APP called Real Book Brazil and has a bi weekly radio show called Edição Limitada on Radio Eldorado.




05 May

Lupa Santiago 4teto

Jazz B Rua Gen. Jardim, 43 - Vila Buarque, São Paulo
08 May

Lupa Santiago 4teto

Madeleine JAzz Bar. R. Aspicuelta, 201 - Vila Madalena, São Paulo
10 May

Lupa Santiago 4teto

Atelier de La Musique SP
16 May