The Artist

Lupa Santiago Sexteto


After many recordings co-leading groups (Sinequanon, Jazz em Dobro and Regra de Três) , Lupa Santiago releases a cd under his name.
The compositions are shared with Nenê, an well known composer and drummer, a master in the Brazilian rhythms language. (Known for his work with Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti)
In the arrangements Lupa shared with Rodrigo Morte, a experienced arranger for the São Paulo Jazz Symphonic Orchestra
In his compositions, Lupa wanted to homage the musicians who had a big influence on him:
Dolphy Dance, for Eric Dolphy, american saxofone player from the 1960’s; Stu, for Rodrigo Morte; Helio & Heraldo (Delmiro and Do Monte) for the two fathers of Brazilian guitar; We’ll Keep Swimming and Constantinopla, for his other two groups, that still very active in the scene: Sinequanon e Regra de Três.
Released in the second semester of 2011, Sextet mixes elements from modern Brazilian music as well as contemporary Jazz .
Lupa Santiago: guitar, Vinícius Dorin: sax, Nenê: drums, Vitor Alcântara: sax, Alberto Luccas: upright bass and Daniel Alcântara: trompete e flugelhorn.