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jazzquad: Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister – Ubuntu

Most fans perceive Brazilian jazz through the prism rhythms of samba and bossa nova, and nothing else. I, a sinner, too, is largely subject to this stereotype. Just listen to the other Brazilian jazz rarely fall. But Ubuntu album – a case in point. The Brazilian guitarist Lupa Santiago – experienced musicians, suffice it to… Leia mais

Midwestrecord: SOUNDFINGER

LUPA SANTIAGO 4TETO/Ubuntu: The Brazilian guitarist sets his ear toward Africa and even though this date doesn't have a sax on it, the vibe and attitude feels like something you could expect from Paul Winter (there is a trombone--but it's really not the same). Recorded with some urgency because of the players various schedules and… Leia mais

Jazz Station: Instrumental Jazz CD of the Month – “Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister: Ubuntu”

Instrumental Jazz CD of the Month Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister: "Ubuntu" (Sound Finger) 2016 Rating: ***** (musical performance & sonic quality) Recorded in November 2014 by Bernardo Goys & Paulo Aredes @ Studio Soundfinger (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) Mastered in January 2016 by Homero Lotito Executive Producer: Paulo Aredes Cover Art: Luciano Murino… Leia mais

Jazz Caribe: Lupa Santiago 4teto new CD “Ubuntu” Brazilian Jazz

The CD: "Ubuntu" Lupa Santiago 4teto Tracks: 1. Probably Maybe; 2. Dauphine; 3. Night Eyes; 4. Two for Eleven; 5. Trails; 6. Enfim SUS; 7. Eco System The Musicians: Lupa Santiago (guitar, composer); Leandro Cabral (piano); Alex Buck (drums); Bruno Migotto (bass); special guest: Ed Neumeister (trobone, composer) Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning:… Leia mais