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jazzquad: Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister – Ubuntu

Most fans perceive Brazilian jazz through the prism rhythms of samba and bossa nova, and nothing else. I, a sinner, too, is largely subject to this stereotype. Just listen to the other Brazilian jazz rarely fall. But Ubuntu album – a case in point. The Brazilian guitarist Lupa Santiago – experienced musicians, suffice it to… Leia mais

Midwestrecord: SOUNDFINGER

LUPA SANTIAGO 4TETO/Ubuntu: The Brazilian guitarist sets his ear toward Africa and even though this date doesn't have a sax on it, the vibe and attitude feels like something you could expect from Paul Winter (there is a trombone--but it's really not the same). Recorded with some urgency because of the players various schedules and… Leia mais

Jazz Station: Instrumental Jazz CD of the Month – “Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister: Ubuntu”

Instrumental Jazz CD of the Month Lupa Santiago 4teto + Ed Neumeister: "Ubuntu" (Sound Finger) 2016 Rating: ***** (musical performance & sonic quality) Recorded in November 2014 by Bernardo Goys & Paulo Aredes @ Studio Soundfinger (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) Mastered in January 2016 by Homero Lotito Executive Producer: Paulo Aredes Cover Art: Luciano Murino… Leia mais

Jazz Caribe: Lupa Santiago 4teto new CD “Ubuntu” Brazilian Jazz

The CD: "Ubuntu" Lupa Santiago 4teto Tracks: 1. Probably Maybe; 2. Dauphine; 3. Night Eyes; 4. Two for Eleven; 5. Trails; 6. Enfim SUS; 7. Eco System The Musicians: Lupa Santiago (guitar, composer); Leandro Cabral (piano); Alex Buck (drums); Bruno Migotto (bass); special guest: Ed Neumeister (trobone, composer) Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning:… Leia mais

All About Jazz: Ubuntu

The Brazilian jazz scene has undergone subtle but noticeable changes, as many Brazilian musicians continue to travel, tour, and study abroad, returning with applicable innovative ideas. Expanding beyond the customary bossa and samba boundaries, the music is encompassing global influences with impressive results. Guitarist Lupa Santiago is the embodiment of this positive trend, and throughout… Leia mais

Lupa Santiago é membro do Juri do BMM Competition, na Sérvia

Lupa Santiago é membro do Juri do The Best Music Mind (BMM), que acontece em Belgrado, na Sérvia, entre os dias 2 e 3 de abril. Muitos trabalhos musicais de diversos países foram submetidos, sendo que 44 foram selecionados para esta final, que está dividida em cinco categorias: “Best Vocalist”, “Best Instrumentalist”, Best Original Composition,… Leia mais